Anita Henrichson, MBS, LPC


Anita Henrichson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who counsels children, teens, and adults.  Concurrently since completing her Master’s in Behavioral Sciene degree in 1997 and receiving her LPC license in 1999, she has had a wide spectrum of professional experience in children’s play therapy, individual and group therapy, mental health evaluations, home study evaluations, marriage and family counseling, and experience as an expert witness for the judicial system.  Anita takes a Person Centered Approach within her therapy sessions while she specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy blended with Solution Focused Therapy and Client Education.  “Since emotions, thoughts, and behaviors all influence each other as well as our personalities and past experiences, I find these specific approaches and techniques extremely beneficial within the counseling experience,” Anita stated. 

 After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Phillips University, Anita taught first and second grades in the public school system for five years. Then, she obtained her Master of Behavioral Science degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University while counseling under supervision for a number of years. Afterwards, she opened a successful, private practice in Oklahoma from 1999 until she moved to Texas in 2012.

About Me

Anita is a wife and a mother who values her family.  "Life is a journey.  Some of my journey has been smooth while other parts have been a rocky road.  I am a breast cancer survivor, a survivor of an emotionally, abusive marriage which ended in divorce over 17 years ago, lost my father to Parkinson's disease, raised three children as a single mother for 12 years, and am currently a wife and a step-mother to four, wonderful kids.  The Lord has blessed me throughout my entire life, and he has carried me through difficult times."

Abuse, addictions, adjustment issues, anxiety, bullying, children of divorce, depression, divorce, eating disorders, emotional issues, family problems, fear, grief, guilt, life changes, mood disorders, obsessiveness, parental alienation, perfectionism, personality disorders, rejection, relationship issues, relaxation techniques, self-esteem, self-loathing, sexual issues, shame, spiritual issues, trauma, and women’s issues are all subjects Anita has counseled during her many years in the counseling profession.   


Anita speaks to Women's Groups, Community Functions, and Educational Seminars about many topics dealing with mental health, family issues, parenting, and emotional abuse awareness.  Call to schedule a seminar or a counseling session with Anita Henrichson, LPC at 469-769-1121.

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Nichole G. Brown, MS,LPC


Nichole G. Brown is a Licensed Professional Counselor who counsels children, teens, and adults.  She completed her Master's of Education in Community Counseling at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. During her time at Oklahoma State, Nichole was involved in a variety of small groups to empower and to educate youth, adults, and business owners on the importance of interpersonal skills, emotion regulation and communication.  "Communication is vital to maintaining relationships," Nichole stated.  Learning to communicate can create an awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are currently influencing daily decisions and how to actively change the areas where there is current distress. Nichole takes a Person Centered Approach within therapy as well as emphasis mindfulness and the power of prayer.

About Me

Nichole is a young woman who values family and community. She is one of seven children in a blended family. "Learning to love has become my life mission. Growing up in a divorced home had its fair share of challenges; however, there is a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share with others because of it. The Lord has shown his faithfulness in every season and given me a powerful testimony to speak of his great works in my own life." Nichole is currently involved at a local church in Dallas where she has served in many roles. Her experience with church leadership has ranged from counseling ministries to children's ministry speaking and leadership for over the past seven years.


Nichole has had a variety of experience with children's play therapy, individual therapy, and as an expert witness for the judicial system. Children of divorce, abuse, trauma, relaxation techniques, emotion regulation, and women's issues are areas of competency for Nichole.

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